At Equipment Maintenance Solutions, our goal is to exceed your expectations. We listen to the concerns that health care professionals have with the approach most service providers take to repairing equipment, and it inspires us to set the bar even higher. Our core commitments include:

Higher-Quality Service

We believe that high-quality service is multi-dimensional. That's why we continuously invest in our ability to provide superior maintenance and repair services, applications support, responsiveness and parts availability.

Closer Relationships

We believe that unfamiliar people in remote places cannot adequately provide you the support you expect. That's why we're committed to being as local, familiar, and personally devoted to you as possible.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice service quality for savings. That's why we offer premium EMS service options at highly competitive rates.

Unrivaled Flexibility

We believe that cookie-cutter contracts don't suit your unique needs. That's why we tailor EMS service plans to accommodate your specific requirements.

Quality Policy

Equipment Maintenance Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified company. We strive to exceed the unique expectations of each customer by providing premium service and quality parts. We are committed to complying with all applicable requirements, and to maintaining the effectiveness and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.


Equipment Maintenance Solutions is a proud leader among third-party service providers. Our devotion to quality, flexibility, affordability and dependability distinguishes us from alternatives.

Seth Davis, President

Prior to assuming his current role as President of Equipment Maintenance Solutions, Seth spent much of his career in the sales, service and financing arms of a leading manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment. During that time, Seth conducted business with numerous healthcare systems, executives and physician groups throughout the United States, but most notably in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Texas. He draws upon his vast experience to lead Equipment Maintenance Solutions.

Eric Davis, Vice President of Operations

A licensed attorney and member of the Michigan State Bar Association, Eric left the legal field to develop and direct marketing programs for several diagnostic imaging centers. Eric draws upon this experience to lead Equipment Maintenance Solutions' Service and Support Team, whose goal is to provide clients and their patients the highest-quality imaging services possible.

Ryan Kightlinger, Director of Part Sales & Procurement

Ryan brings over fourteen years of experience in the medical imaging industry to Equipment Maintenance Solutions. Ryan has leaned on his experience in sales, sourcing, inventory management, customer relations, and logistics to build Equipment Maintenance Solutions' extensive parts depot, which supplies customers all over the world. He understands the ever-changing market and draws upon that knowledge to cater to each customer's unique needs. His goal is to deliver the highest quality parts quickly and affordably.

Sandra Johnson, Business Manager

Sandra brings over thirty-five years of business management experience to Equipment Maintenance Solutions. Her diverse industry background entails vast experience with logistics management, enabling Sandra to provide skillful coordination of EMS field service engineers, replacement parts and routine service events.

Timothy Hillman, Associate

A licensed teacher and the former technical consultant for a prominent educational software company, Timothy understands the unique and ever-changing demands of highly-regulated industries like education and health care. This understanding inspires Timothy to customize service plans that truly accommodate the practical and financials needs of each individual client.


Well-maintained equipment is critical to any health care operation. That's why providers from all corners of the health care community choose EMS for repair and maintenance services.

Health Systems

We understand the relationship between our service and your high standards for patient care, efficiency and fiscal responsibility. That's why we commit ourselves to quality, dependability and affordability. In addition, we realize that many health systems aim to transcend traditional service arrangements. That's why we work with you to develop new and creative approaches to achieving your goals.

Clinical Engineering Teams

From in-house biomedical engineering departments to other third party service providers, many of EMS' most-valued clients are other clinical engineering teams. For some of these clients, we provide additional sets of eyes and hands when they're in a bind. For others, we fill entire gaps in their service programs. Whatever the case, we believe there is strength in unity.

Imaging Centers

A smaller scale shouldn't make you a smaller priority. That's why EMS provides the same level of high-quality service and unrivaled response times to clients of every size. We also understand the importance of cost-savings and affordability to entrepreneurships. That's why we offer premium EMS service options at competitive rates and commit to a strict anti-nickel and diming policy.

Mobile Providers

At EMS, we attribute a lot of our success to our unrivaled response times – which we provide to even our most transient of mobile clients. In addition, our facility can accommodate several mobile trailers for storage, on-site repair or cleaning services.


The EMS Service and Support Team is highly-trained and has extensive experience servicing a wide-array of diagnostic imaging equipment, including:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

GE Signa

GE Optima

GE Discovery

GE Brivo

Philips Achieva

Philips Ingenia

Philips Intera

Siemens Symphony

Siemens Espree

Siemens Avanto

Siemens Sonata

Siemens Concerto

Siemens Harmony

Computed Tomography (CT)

GE Discovery

GE Optima

GE LightSpeed

GE BrightSpeed

GE HiSpeed


Philips Brilliance

Philips MX8000

Toshiba Aquilion

Toshiba Asteion

Siemens Definition

Siemens Emotion

Siemens Sensation

Siemens Volume Z

Siemens Plus

Other Service

In select geographies, the EMS Service and Support Team can service additional modalities, including: X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, bone densitometry, and C-arm, among others.

Mobile Storage

At our facility in Ferndale, Michigan, we have several indoor and outdoor pads to accommodate mobile trailer storage.


We understand the dynamic nature of the health care environment, and we offer additional services to accommodate of your ever-changing needs.


The process to purchase new or refurbished equipment shouldn't be stressful or confusing. That's why we've made it a goal to improve your experience.

Gone are the days of scrutinizing the manufacturers' lengthy and overly technical sales proposals. Instead, we take on the legwork to identify the best offers and present them to you in easy-to-understand terms.

We have experience with all modalities of medical imaging equipment, including:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • C-arm
  • Ultrasound
  • Computed Tomography
  • X-ray
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Mammography


To accommodate even more your business needs, we offer an array of consulting services related to:

Capital Planning... for capital equipment purchases, real estate purchases, expansion efforts...

CON Management... from data compilation and application to monitoring and oversight...

Relationship Structuring... among hospitals, physicians, entrepreneurs and developers, to identify synergies and mutually rewarding business ventures...


The EMS Service and Support Team is always available to serve you. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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